Leanne Beesley


Founder / Maker / Builder. Formerly https://t.co/mjAPRPZNRm | Currently https://t.co/c5COPS0bJD | Often spotted lurking awkwardly or loitering suspiciously 🌏

Aha thanks for featuring us BetaList! For anyone reading this, hey I'm Leanne from Coworker.com :) We're a global platform to find, book and review 10,000+ coworking spaces in 165 countries, and we'll be expanding the marketplace to include unofficial coworking "hotspots". Let me know if you have any questions!
@automateIQ i know right?? I've been working remotely for about 8 years and wish this existed before. Yep similar to Airbnb, people will set their own prices. If people have baller places and have extras to offer like podcasting equipment, green screens / home studios, etc they are able to charge higher prices.
@ianmayman haha don't worry, deffo no emails until Hotspots open in your city! That's why we're collecting people's cities / countries when they sign up for an invite, so we don't spam people continuously as we roll it out globally. Awesome idea about Meetup - we actually already sponsor all the StartupBlink MeetUp groups for their local meetups in 100+ cities around the world, hadn't thought about tapping into that. Just emailed them to make something happen - cheers for the tip!
Ah this is very cool - I was always wondering how people create these types of animated images for their audio clips, now I know what to use if I create any audio clips myself! Nice work :)