Kostja Palović


In SaaS we trust! Ⓒ Me. Father of two, happy husband. Making https://t.co/m87bW9X968

That's the moment when I say:"I wanted to do exactly the same".
Great idea. Don't own a smart watch, cannot try.
+1 for great approach to fighting smoking addiction
Works terrible on mobile. Menu is not working on the right - it's just blank.
The idea itself is great! Wish u best luck!
Hey there! Looks like a great job you've done!

It is hard to work with on mobile! Step number on the left ihas a lot of space while questions on the right are in very narrow box.
Will check again a bit later, hope you will fix it to that moment!
@kpavlovsky_pro Thank you very much for your great and detailed comment.
Yes, we are working on mobile version and it will be fix soon.
Please feel free to contact us at [email protected] and we love to hear more from you
Signed up! Waiting for beta release!
I'd recommend to add some words under Congratulations! After signing up to set some expectations.
Good luck
@kpavlovsky_pro Thanks for the feedback, we'll get that sorted asap!
Great idea! Please make sure your landing page is readable on mobile!
@kpavlovsky_pro Yes, fixing web page is on our list for quite some time, I just didn't have a time to jump to it yet. It will be fixed in a few days.