Kevin Piacentini


Freelance Software Engineer | Formerly YC Founder @StoriesInc

@koloux Thanks a lot for your feedback. We really appreciate!
@jeanmilazzeri Hey! Thanks a lot for your comment! We do our best to improve the tool every day. Just introduced the receiver's IP and location tracking, check it out ;)
@Sou27 Thanks a lot for your comment!
@GuerrillaGCO Hey! Thanks for you comment/question :)
Unlike competitors, we do not store any sensitive data such as email body content or subject...

We only store a one way hash signature for tracking purpose. This hash is absolutely impossible to decrypt/read because it's made using a One Way encryption algorithm.

We've created Is Opened for our own needs first. That's why we especially don't want any sensitive data to be exposed on the web ;)
@_Sushruta Thanks for reporting that issue. We'll investigate and try to solve it as soon as possible.
@_Sushruta Feel free to reach me using the chat on the platform for very fast support :)