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Hi all! I built CoderNotes to scratch my own itch with maximizing how to learn development. I had looked at solutions for storing code snippets, but a lot of them missed the mark for actually being productive. I wanted to make CoderNotes to be an easy way to store and retrieve not only snippets that you frequently forget, but also technical notes in general.

What makes CoderNotes unique is the intelligent search feature. CoderNotes is very good at finding your note, even if you don’t remember exactly what you’ve named it. This really helps to give you confidence that you can find your note instantly and whenever you want, which saves a ton of time when you’re developing.

CoderNotes is currently completely free while it’s in the beta, so give it a shot and let me know if you have any questions!
Thanks Nicole, your feedback on the app has been instrumental in making it what it is today. Happy to have you on board!
@nicoleshipley13 whoops, looks like I didn’t reply to you directly! Take a look below to see what I said :)

Thanks for being a part of this project!