Kenny Li


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@ianmayman Thanks for the feedback; we know there are some alternatives out there, but we really wanted to focus on ease-of-use, multi-platform compatibility, tipping, no-commitment and flexible payment options. Glad at least some of these value propositions spoke to you!

Yes, you can choose your currency. By default, it is set to the one that has a positive balance, but you can change that at any time by clicking on the extension and going into "Preferences." From there, you can select your Active Currency (the default currency that you send with) and the amount you want to send per button click (in USD).

The funds are automatically transferred to the recipient's Worthyt Account and available for withdrawal. If the user doesn't have a Worthyt account, we will send them a message after their account accumulates a balance of $3 or greater. If after a year the money is not collected, it goes to the platform.

Hope this answers your question!