Karthikeyan Ponmudi


Web design UIUXdesign graphic design entrepreneur Helping startups with social media content like posts for a month

this product is really great and it help in transcribing industry inspiring
@KarthikeyanPon9 Thank you Karthikeyan, we're happy you like it!
i like interface and the app storey . really good cocept
@KarthikeyanPon9 thanks so much Karthikeyan! Please download the Beta and let us know what you think :)
@wrongeyedear actually i use an android device . but ill ask my friends to download
these event planner look different and really great
for mac app creators pretty good concept . its awesome
@wrongeyedear actually i use an android device . but ill ask my friends to download
good social media monitoring and analyaing app best
good for the investors and building a good portfolio
super to see these amazing entertainment speakers
as ui ux designer these product is going to be a treat
reactivepad is good for the it team . cheers to the team
@KarthikeyanPon9 thank you! What industry do you work in? If you want to test, you can sign up for a beta! More than welcome: https://reactivepad.com/beta-testers
@KarthikeyanPon9 Exactly! Think about how valuable it would be to have your weekly stand up, delegate tasks and then log them into your project management platform. But instead of having to type it out again, you can take a transcript of the tasks directly from the meeting. This is game-changing!!!
these product gone help a lot of people right now
@KarthikeyanPon9 Thanks. I hope so. We've seen a huge need for the product where kids birthday parties have been cancelled because of Covid-19. But, it isn't just for use during the isolation caused by the virus.

Joycards are great keepsakes that can be watched in years to come.
amazing system these is . nice concept wish you the best
the plan of these idea was cool for the knowledge seekers best of luck
good all well to go with for all developers and reduces the stress . love these product
love these idea landing page for zoom and other sit feel great
these gone help a lot in the developer recruitment . all the best
pace was really great for all the designers .all the best
@KarthikeyanPon9 Thanks Karthikeyan! Hope it'll help with your workflow as it did mine. Feel free to drop in a feedback anytime!
great tool for recruitment process love to see
can it be used for the app created on bubble.io
@KarthikeyanPon9 Hi Karthikeyan! I'm really happy to hear that 😊

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