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Hey guys. Great app! I can add a few points if they would be of value?

- Need a Search field for your phone number verification screen. Scrolling through all the countries can be a bit time consuming

- Initially found your task hierarchy a bit confusing but here’s why; The “Tasks” screen should be called “Lists”. Within your Lists you then have Tasks and Subtasks. (I like that there are 3 layers here)

- On the “Tasks” screen, after I tap “+ New List”, is there a reason another button appears asking me to “Create New List” ?

- Would prefer new Tasks to be added to the bottom of a List instead of the top, so I can create a list is a priority order

- Checking off Tasks in a List, does not seem to be working properly. When I tap on the square, sometimes the task is not checked off. Maybe an issue with your hotspots.

Out of interest, what was the initial pain point you had which inspired you to create this app?

all the best,