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Great to give writers such a good opportunity to write exactly what they want and have it published, good luck!
Great idea, what features does the app have? Will there be instant messaging? Will you be able to log where you're going in advance perhaps? Good luck with the launch :)
First app I've seen like this, love the idea and think it will really help busy people! Good luck
This is a great idea, will really help people manage their money and know where to spend the money they do have. How will it be linked to your bank account?
Sounds great. Not many live performances are broadcast on TV or online professionally so I think you'll have a large audience for this product. Will the performances be streamed live? Or will they be pre-recorded? Also how will you get the recordings? From third party participants or do you plan to send people out yourselves? Good luck with the launch!
Great idea, keeping family life and work separate is something a lot of busy people find hard to do. Hopefully this will help! Do the people you're talking to have to have the app on their phones too, or does it allow you to speak to your phone contacts through the app, without them having it/a profile?
@JoosrBooks thanks for your comment and great question! People that you are talking to don't necessarily need to have Swipe installed on their phones. Our service is compatible with Telegram, so basically you can talk to anyone who uses Swipe or Telegram. Hopefully that answers your question, feel free to reach out to us if you have any more questions!
Nice idea! I think the concept of having your friends as motivators will really help people to achieve. Better still you giving them a platform to do it on. Good luck with the launch :)
This sounds like a lovely application, great idea! How do you plan to make it accessible to all the family, is there a desktop application as well as a mobile app? And are memories in some sort of cloud space, would be concerned with using up space over the years, like when your dropbox becomes full type thing.
@JoosrBooks @JoosrBooks Thank you for your kind words. I'll cut to the chase and answer your Qs first.

Q: How do you plan to make it accessible to all the family, is there a desktop application as well as a mobile app?

ANSWER: Yes! Phase 1 of IRememba Web app is complete. We've already internally tested it and on-boarded the first set of Alpha Users. We'll be on-boarding the rest of our Beta users this month (i.e Aug/2016). Although this first Web App version is not the most polished and only has the MVP features (like Family Tree, Private sharing with Family and loved ones, Autosave of Drafts, Private memories area, Memorial Page, Time Capsules Preview); however, it's mostly mobile optimized and very functional across all devices.

Phase 2 will bring IRememba native to Android and iOS platforms and will also have some of our Phase 2 featureset (most notable being - Time Capsules and better organization of private memories)

Phase 3, 4 & 5 have been planned out as well. More on that as we the journey unfolds :)

Q: And are memories in some sort of cloud space, would be concerned with using up space over the years, like when your dropbox becomes full type thing.

ANSWER: Yes and No! Yes, memories will be on cloud, so you can access and share from anywhere in the world and on any device. All your memories will be on our Private Cloud and you would only need IRememba login to access and not any other cloud-based Service. Our private cloud is self-hosted and we don't integrate with any 3rd party cloud service.

So NO, you don't have to worry about Dropbox being full or anything like that at all.

+ one of the key drivers behind our pricing is how to preserve your memories over generations (if not forever) - That's why whatever storage you'll use, is Yours.To.Keep.Forever. (And it would be a pretty inexpensive offering as well - Trust me!!).

We might throw some alternate pricing options in the mix (for example, very small monthly subscription) so that skeptics can test the waters and if they love it, can move over to Permanent storage.

However, our Beta users do get 1GB of Free storage (and other surprise future perks) to start with and it is Yours.To.Keep.Forever. -- No Joke! And there are more ways to earn some free GBs as you start using the app.

Win-Win for you and us! :)

So, if you're not already on our beta list yet - Please request your invite at and you'd get the your invite sometime this month and also the latest updates on our progress.

We also published a Milestones blog, for our friends and supporters to easily check our progress, here:

I hope I've answered your questions. If there's anything else I can help you with, please feel free to ask.

Gaurav Gulati
Founder, IRememba
I think this is a really good idea, people rely on their smartphones when travelling and this puts all of the applications they'd use into one. It will also help with things they may not have realised they needed! Good luck
Great idea, really like the concept and the calm, easy going nature of the app. Does it speak without being prompted, or only when you open it?
@JoosrBooks thanks for the kind feedback. Scarlet proactively pings you if you've set a reminder in the app. That happens via a notification, she doesn't start speaking without being prompted. :)