Jonathan Z. White


Designer and developer | Currently Javascript engineer @airbnb. Previously @yahoo | Musings include VR, front-end, and design✌️

@marckohlbrugge Thank you! Glad you like the design 😇
@tkssharma Haha you can certainly take inspiration from it 👾
Hey BetaList community! Thanks for featuring us 🎉 Here is some background on our project:

Titus started the project to address his frustration with home automation systems. He had tried many existing solutions but none of them gave him the flexibility and experience he wanted. So he built an early version HomeFlow for his own personal use. Now we're bringing HomeFlow to the rest of the smart home community.

Smart homes are cool, but personalized smart homes are even cooler. Our goal is make controlling and automating your home as simple as possible.

So whether you're a parent who wants to put your 6 year old to bed by dimming the lights and playing a lullaby or an early riser who wants to automate your morning routine, we're here to enable you to do that. Automate in minutes, not hours.

Let me know if you have any questions!
@letorruella Thanks for the support ☺️
@JonathanZWhite No problem sorry for the typos. I would like to help if you need anything. I'm not the best developer but I know my way around certain things :-)