John Delavera


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A great tool indeed. I was going to order, but the coupon is good for the first month only. So I'll continue digging within it.
@JohnDelavera Thank you John. Yes, you are right. The coupon is for one time use only. But the coupon also applies to yearly Plan too. Please message me from the live chat if you want to give it a try.
@JohnDelavera Thank you John 😀. Glad to have you as a customer.
Great one indeed. A 50% discount for the monthly subscription would make it a killer too.
@JohnDelavera Hey John! Chat us your email on I'd be happy to get you that discount 😊
@JohnDelavera You will get your demo credentials shortly. Thanks for your interest in undaku.
@RICKYUTTAM Very nice indeed. I am in for the 100 GB of course :)
@JohnDelavera Signup for a free account, and DM me your username/email @RishiUttamHK
@JohnDelavera Sorry that handle is my new twitter handle, not sure what its on betalist. So perhaps better to email [email protected] with your account email then ill get you that PRO account. Cheers.
@JohnDelavera Hi John just checking in to see if you require the PRO account. Thanks.
Very good idea indeed and it will sell. Only it's quite expensive IMHO ie 49 for 3 sites. But it's a good solution. Kudos.
You created a very good platform there. Kudos.
You may apply SSL to your site because Google gives a warning privacy error (Your connection is not private) - please update us when done.
You have created a solid platform. IMHO add sharing functionalities so one could offer the Reviews and Quizzes to his customers, say via a course, and you have a winner.
Very cool indeed. Excellent sales letter too.
Either it's only me or the CTA buttons (login. start free) do not work. :)