Nguyen Xuan Hoang


Hi All, i am the founder of eLinkGate and i would like to share the story about our product eLinkMe. We invent this product just because i got a lot requests from my parent, my sister, my friends to ask me to fix their computer problem. Honestly i am not good at this. I asked my sister why don't you bring to the service center and I will pay for that. What she told me is that she have a lot personal data and afraid it will be copied out.

That made me think...the IT support model is based on trusting...the service guy is either very close to customer or have to be in a big company. I myself also have problem with my computer, it boot up very slow but i don't have time to fix and dare not to ask s.o to fix because it is inconvenient and not safe for my data.

What if we can create a service that is simple and protect the user data. This will change the way to provide the IT support. They don't need to be a big company or very close to customer. But The customer is willing to use their service because they know they are protected by the solution. Interestingly our solution can also work as Bios level so remotely installing a new operating system is just a piece of cake . Now i can just plug the device to ask s.o in the world to fix my pc bootup problem or ask them to convert my old PC become a media box for my home. The possibility are endless :)

Does it sound great? i would appreciate if you can provide me some feedback.