Julie Navntoft


Hello Betalisters 👋

We're really excited to show you Cuttles 🐙

Cuttles is an online web app that helps entrepreneurs and startups turn their idea into profitable businesses.

We've developed Cuttles with a focus on design, personalization and great UX. Once users create a startup and upload a logo, the whole app changes into their own brand design ✨

Features include:
✅Fully guided, customizable business plan builder
✅Best practice business canvas one-pager
✅Powerful budget and forecast builder
✅Financial runway dashboard
✅Export & share via private or public links
✅Incubator/startup portfolio management tool

We want anyone with an idea to be able to plan their business and meet investors with confidence - no matter the experience level 🚀

We launched on the 9th of March.

We hope you'll give it a try!