Joe Woodhouse


Building @InfluentDigital | Helping content creators reach their full potential!

We're Joe & Kieron and we built a product to give content creators and social media managers the stats that they need to get the most out of their channels, and understand how they can grow their followings faster and optimise their stats for future brand partnerships.

We initially launched Influent in October 2020. We started by creating a platform for brands to find the perfect influencers to market their products by giving them all of the stats they need to really max out their returns. But the more content creators we spoke to, the more we realised how useful these stats are to them.

Whether you're trying to monetise your personal channel or have growth targets for your company profiles, we know that the right data and insights can help you reach your goals. We hope that we'll be the key to you growing your following quicker and more effectively, helping you to get a better idea of who your followers are in the process.

Please note that you need to already have 1000 followers or subscribers on an Instagram, YouTube or TikTok profile for us to be able to collect data on that profile.

Many thanks to anyone who checks us out, and please get in touch with any feedback you have!