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UX, UI, Web, Mobile Design and Motion Graphics

@marckohlbrugge Hey Marc, thank you very much for your interest and thank you for your feedback :) Yeah, exactly. I also wrote an article on Medium https://medium.com/@switchem/workday-automation-how-to-increase-productivity-at-work-405abed714c9 so take a look ;)

As for the "Activation" issue - we're using a solution by devmate.com so unfortunately, it's not in our hands to solve it. However, you can paste the code using the right-click menu ( ⌃ Control key + Mouse click )

By the way, your suggestion using "switchem://" is totally great, we'll add one very soon! This is an MVP, so we're working on a lot of new amazing features that will be added as quickly as possible.

Also if you should encounter any further trouble at all in the meantime, please don't hesitate to reach out using "[email protected]" or our social pages on twitter and facebook "@switchemapp".