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market gardeners, aiming for self sufficiency, selling our jams, preserves, vegetables & tools

is this like the old 'sight app' used to work? I loved that! until it disappeared. screenshot=bookmark with such small difference in context, it so natural to capture like this. I'm excited!
will it strip text and export like sight app used to?
@HumbleHouse1 Never heard of it before, but yes, it's pretty similar. We'll work on functions and feaures, export may be implemented if the users will request it.
Wow! forms have come such a long way! glad I found it here!
will html widgets let us place interesting things in the forms one day soon?
how broad a knowledgebase does a user need to make this workable? it looks very broad!
Wow, looks great, and just what I need in the very near future!
@HumbleHouse1 We're thrilled you're interested, and can't wait to see it on your site!
@ocolot is there anywhere to keep informed of your progress with this?
@ocolot sure did,
It was a nice experience as far as bots go..
@ocolot is there anywhere to keep informed of your progress with this?
@ocolot sure did,
It was a nice experience as far as bots go..
@ocolot sure did,
It was a nice experience as far as bots go..
Google contacts is nearly a capable crm. With a side toolset like this, you could really tip the balance for that use case. Exciting times! (prosperworks CRM integration?)
@HumbleHouse1 Salesforce, HubSpot, Pipedrive and others are in our CRM integrations list.
If the ProsperWorks Web API allows to access all needed data, we'll definitely do it.
I tried scribblepost. Yet, that odd email flippy thing had me wondering what I'm missing. PLease, can anyone steer me to an example of how to get the best from scribblepost? Its rare that I really wanted to like it so much!
@HumbleHouse1 Thanks for writing in! Is it possible you're looking at the older version of the app? The new version is at (or click the image above) which I hope is easier to use! Either way, please reach out at to me [email protected] and I'll be very happy to help / chat / get you started...
poo, im another sucker born in the last shower. I pre-ordered after a fairly lengthy email conversation with them that seemed legit. hey @BetaList at least take this shit down!
@HumbleHouse1 Thanks for the heads up! I've reached out with the founder for clarification. If you paid with credit card and did not get what you paid for I recommend reaching out to your bank to request a chargeback.
heya, do you think you could configure it to work with 'profit-first' methodology for business use? but then who cares, I'll never get to use it in Australia....
I actually used raskin for mac before it died, youve just made my year!
@HumbleHouse1 That's terrific. We're hopefully releasing an iOS version of the app by the end of December as well. I loved raskin too. Please, don't hesitate to provide us feedback as you use the app, we're at that early stage where all the feedback really defines where middlespot grows.
Sure, I'd look at it. especially for the QR input markers. Except it wont allow a signup on their form. the irony.
@HumbleHouse1 we are working on the same, thanks for your input. We are also working on releasing iOS app for mFormHub.
wow! fresh off the press! I cant even check the about us page, or contact you!? All I wanted to ask was to put a link in the comments pane, and You've got something really pretty!
half the webpage wont load and the signup forms hang. best to your project lads.
@HumbleHouse1 Thanks a lot for your feedback. Can you tell me what device/browser are you using, please?
Another yankee-centric offering? it wont send sms to australian numbers it seems, or I'd have given it a try.
signed up and no response... you for reals? or is something broken?
well, the webpage says sign up free. that's true.
but I cant create a test project without paying...
not even continue a trial at any level..
your variables in the welcome email aren't working...
how exactly far along is this?