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πŸ‘‹ Hello!
This project helps you achieve your goals and new year resolutions.

πŸ€” Why?

We all want to achieve some goals or build new habits, like learning a new language, finish a project or do more sport.

In my experience, the best way to achieve your goals is using "Divide and Conquer". Divide the goal into doable tasks and do one at a time.

You don’t need nothing more than a pen and a paper to make and follow your plans, but sometimes you need some external help to keep you motivated to maintain your plans "alive".

That's why I created Task Fighter

...and because I love Pixel Art and Retro Gaming. πŸ‘Ύ

🧐 How?

The basics of using Divide and Conquer method for planning:

1.- Plan the goals you want to achieve this year.
2.- With point 1 in mind, plan this month's tasks to achieve your year's goals
3.- With point 2 in mind, plan this week's tasks to achieve your month's goals
4.- Repeat 3, each Sunday/Monday until the end of the month, and start again with 2 at the beginning of the next month

Now is when Task Fighter comes to action.

5.- Place this week tasks on your calendar, and they will appear in task-fighter.

Task Fighter will show you this week tasks as enemies you have to win.
Making your tasks look like enemies will give you an extra motivation to accomplish them. Moreover, it will keep you adding tasks each week, so you can continue "playing" the game, and therefore keeping you planning.

πŸ’ͺ Features
* Mark a Fight as Won: Checking it as done.
* Mark a Fight as Lost: When you didn't manage to do the task, but you want to keep track of it.
* Postpone a Fight: Move a task in the future. It will move it automatically to a free time slot.
* Add a new Task: Add new tasks automatically to your calendar in a free spot, depending on your preferences.
* Preferences: You can choose how much time you normally sleep, the time you spent in the office, etc. When adding a new task you can set if it is related to your work or not, and task fighter will place it on your calendar accordingly.
* Hide the fight: So your boss won't think you are playing a video game.
* Dashboard: To keep track of your weekly status
* Extension: To receive notifications, and see the current tasks.
* And more.

πŸ€– Development
This is my first web project with a backend. Due to I focused on learning and delivering, there are no fancy frameworks here, just Node.js, Express, MongoDB, EJS, Bootstrap, JQuery, and a ton of gifs.

❀️ Thanks
To everyone that helped and motivated me to finish it.
Thank you πŸ€—