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@marckohlbrugge Hi Marc 👋 The main improvement we have made is the "NOT OK"-button to send a canned response to the person who is tracking you. The other improvement is that we've made the UX more accessible for non-technical persons. After using a few different tracking blockers, it felt like all other blockers was made for technical people. The language is jargonistic and it's not easy to understand WHY you should block tracking pixels. With Creep Alert, we aimed to make it super clear 🚨🚨🚨
Hello everybody! 👋

Mailflow is actually a complete makeover of Replidy, which we launched at Betalist for a few months ago. We quickly understood from your feedback that we would have to redo the tool completely, so we spent a few months rewriting everything from scratch.

We finally have a new version ready, and we are super excited to share this version with you guys! The response we have received has so far been fantastic! Big thanks to all of you who helped us! 🙌


You may have tried to replace email with dozens of different tools, only to find that your clients keep emailing you anyway... So you're back to email.

Mailflow is an email-first productivity tool that's made specifically for working with clients. The cool thing about Mailflow is that it helps you stay organized without depending on other people working in the same tool as you. And you can even use it to get on top of email threads that are already out of hand.

This first release provides you with a lightweight but powerful way to organize projects directly from Gmail. We have integrated personal tasks, notes, and projects in a way that's intuitive to use, and that fits your existing workflow.

Please check us out and let us know what you think. I'll send you my personal email once you sign up so that you'll know how to reach me with feedback. We would be forever grateful to hear what works and doesn't work for you 😀