Hans Knecht


A Money Fitness App with bril Security!!
EMMA App is a secure APP that will use open banking (which YOU control and can easily change or cancel) that works just like a FITBIT - but its for your money!! It analyses money flow through your accounts - making sense of what it sees and reports back to you - in real time!! So will make you aware of unauthorised bank fraud!! Its main job is to make you financially fitter and richer!! Aimed at Millenials its really suitable to everyone on a fixed wage and budget - it would greatly help pensioners for example. Its fresh, fun and addictive and becomes a 'go to' APP for your financial power and muscles! Budgeting and supporting expenditure and income in such a way = that you can PLAN and the money muddle is SWEPT AWAY! Well done EMMA for being Bril!! Loving my account which liberates me from financial stress!! Its like having a ever helpful, awake financial whizkid in the pocket!! Enjoy!!