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@GioFaralley Interesting idea for a lottery and clever use of that "even if the odds are not in your favor" quote by Elon Musk. (although I'm not sure he was referring to lotteries hehe)

I guess the business model is raising 20,000 x €15 = €300,000 in ticket sales which would be about a 50% margin assuming a $150,000 price tag for the space flight. What if you don't sell 20,000 tickets, will there still be a winner or is the lottery contingent on selling enough tickets to cover your expenses? Will people be reimbursed if the lottery doesn't go through?

Wish you the best of luck. Hope you can get the PR flywheel moving as that's what will make or break a concept like this.
@marckohlbrugge Hi Mark, thanks! Pretty sure Elon Musk didn't mean it like that ;-).

The concept is totally transparent and fair , so there will always be a draw, even when the target of 20.000 tickets is not reached within six months. In that case the money reserved for the ticket into space will turn into the jackpot. There will always be a winner.

PR can definitely make or break, so feel free to spread the word :-). Will you join the lottery?
@JTVersteege That makes a lot of sense. Sounds well thought out! I won't be entering myself as I'm too busy for space flight right now :D, but maybe next round.
@GioFaralley After waiting for approx. 10 seconds before a "Greetings" loading spinner, I've decided to give up.

(Im on a 150 MBit/s symmetric Internet connection in Germany)
@axbm Hi Axbm, thanks for notifying. Got the same feedback from other people as well, and removed the audio. Should be much better now!?
@JTVersteege No more sound _and_ faster loading time. Two benefits and no disadvantages. Awesome! Thanks a lot.
@axbm Your welcome, what do you think of the idea?
@JTVersteege Being from Germany, I like to listen to Podcasts with Alexander Gerst. So this Space thing is something that is interesting to me.
@axbm Alright, great! Well, stay tuned and you could be the one that gets up there for the price of a train ticket :-)