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Hi Olivier, thanks for the kind comment!

Wow, Waitlisted has done really well on Product Hunt, i've just taken a look. We've tried to spend time on making the analytics section great, one of the key things our beta users asked for was how to track conversion and from what source. For example, we enable all users to create custom tracking links. There's a lot of value about understanding the people on the list and i reckon we'll build this out further.

They've also got an API which is super useful. We've decided to go with Webhooks for now, but are looking into this for the future. Manny, who built Maitre is super passionate about UX and its so important we get this right as the first impression of a new product is usually through the landing page.

Hopefully i'll see you on the list!

Marketing @ Maitre

@getworm Maybe there's a way we can work together? By the way, you nailed it with the name ;)
@GeorgeDJohnston Thanks :)
Let's get in touch. I'll follow you on twitter.