Foti Panagiotakopoulos


Founder of @Growthmentorhq | VP Growth @EuroVPS

@Daniil_evych Glad you had a great call with Kaloyan! Everyone's motivation for offering low rates is different.

Kaloyan said he's offering super low rates because he wants to better understand the marktech landscape since he's busy building his own marketing automation tool.

For a lot of the mentors on here, they money isn't the only motivation. For me, that's the coolest thing about this platform. Everyone started from scratch at some point. Growthmentor comes down to people helping people.
@dahartattack Growth is not easy, and by definition it's supposed to hurt a bit because you have to break stuff in order for it to grow back stronger. Right? There be some support for this for the everyday non-VC funded founders. And I'm not only thinking support for tactical stuff, but also the emotional/psychological stuff. Thank you so much for being a part this Dani!
@Aazarshad Thanks for being a part of this as well Aazar. You're the bomb.
What an amazing idea! Can't wait to see where this is going to go!
@girlz_oasis This is simply not true. I sent you an email asking if we could postpone 4 hours before the call.
@FotiPanagio what's the simply not true? it's not my mistake that your email is going to spam!

You could've postponed it on the calendar instead of saying that you've sent an email 4 hours ago, you are using calendy you could've simply used it to reschedule the meeting.

And just to let every one here to know i've got this email from the The maker of this product

Search your email box. I mailed you.

After the negative review you left, I see no need to reschedule again though.

All the best,

This sets an example of how you can handle the negative feedback from clients.

For all makers, just take it as an advice if you are not ready to handle negative feedback from your potential leads and clients then just don't post your products on product listing services, we are here to give you feedbacks and reviews so you can fix your own mistakes and learn from them.