foti panagio


Just a dude trying to make a dollar out of 15 cents. Founder of @Growthmentor_io | VP Growth @EuroVPS

What an amazing idea! Can't wait to see where this is going to go!
@Daniil_evych Glad you had a great call with Kaloyan! Everyone's motivation for offering low rates is different.

Kaloyan said he's offering super low rates because he wants to better understand the marktech landscape since he's busy building his own marketing automation tool.

For a lot of the mentors on here, they money isn't the only motivation. For me, that's the coolest thing about this platform. Everyone started from scratch at some point. Growthmentor comes down to people helping people.
@Aazarshad Thanks for being a part of this as well Aazar. You're the bomb.
@dahartattack Growth is not easy, and by definition it's supposed to hurt a bit because you have to break stuff in order for it to grow back stronger. Right? There be some support for this for the everyday non-VC funded founders. And I'm not only thinking support for tactical stuff, but also the emotional/psychological stuff. Thank you so much for being a part this Dani!
Love this. Keep your heads up.