Fiona Adler


Entrepreneur, adventurer, writer @, wife & mum. Currently living in France & building - productivity 4 teams.

Hi all, Actioned has been brewing inside me ever since I started working with remote teams. I'd find myself oscillating between working extremely closely with team members to sometimes wondering if they were even working!

I didn't want to use time tracking software as I find that invasive and a sure way to destroy trust. I also wanted to move away from focusing on time - as that's not what being productive is all about.

I realized that I just wanted a simple tool that allowed everyone to note down their plans for the day, and then tick those things off as they did them. Initially we used Google Sheets and found the system to be very effective - but it could be improved... Interestingly, most people said they felt more productive just because they became more deliberate about how they spent their time.

We've been in Beta for a couple of months now and have a handful of teams and many more individuals using Actioned - and most reporting great results.

I'm happy to expand that now and invite you guys to try it out and give us your feedback too!
@jmdnz Thanks Jay. I think prioritization is the foundation of most success. Choose what's most important to do and then do it!