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Hi Friends!

Sitting has become the smoking of our generation, and you all know it. We're sitting for more then 9 hours strait a day and because of that more then 80 % of us have back pain issues at some point of our lives.

I’ve started to have some serious back problems myself and decided to change it by developing Curie - your personal trainer for your sitting habits.

Curie is on the mission to help you maintain a healthy lifestyle while still having a sitting job. It's your personal trainer at work. He tells you when to stand up and take a break and when to exercise, just coaching you too sit better. It's not about sitting straight all day, but taking quick breaks and simple exercise.

Ask me anything :)


Hi Axel!

Thanks for the question. The main difference is that Curie is personalised for your working environment and health conditions. What this means is that for example we do not ask you to do jumping jacks in front of the whole office. You can select a home or office environment. We also do not show you exercises that can worsen your health conditions when you have for example problems with your knee and cannot do sit-ups.

You also can set and change your daily break an exercise goals. Start with a break each hour, and then slowly move up to breaks each 30 minutes. That's great when you're used to sitting 4 hours without a break, as it's easier to get into a good habit.

Curie also provides interesting analytics about your sitting routine, on which you can improve and get more productive.
Lastly, Curie sends you notification reminders so you never forget a break or training.

That's just what we have in the beta :) A lot more helpful and productive improvements to come.
@AWill2Go Sorry, I mean Alex. Please excuse the mistake.
@AWill2Go Sorry, I mean Alex. Please excuse the mistake.