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Hello, fellow makers and users of BetaList 👋

At the end of May, I launched a screenshot API for you in case you need to automate taking screenshots for your site. You may find it helpful if:

- you build a gallery of the websites;
- you need to test your site periodically and compare screenshots;
- you need to create reports;
- you want to generate the Open Graph protocol images automatically;
- you need to render HTML for invoices, the Open Graph protocol images, and any other use - - case in a consistent way by the latest version of browsers;
- and many more.

Feel free to check out and leave any feedback. This is my first launch on BetaList and I am super eager to improve 🙏
Congratulations on the launch 🥳 You have a clean landing page 🚀

Can it be used for API-focused products?
Thx @DmytroKrasun !
Yes it can, it is optimised for fronts (mobile or web apps) but we have clients using it on the backend as well ;)
I have followed your journey for quite a while. And can only wish you all the best with your product.

Your recent pivot is interesting to follow! Good luck!