David Hunter


CEO of @EpicWebStudios and @ASAPmapsListing. Find me anywhere: DavidHunterErie

Hi everyone my name is David Hunter, I am the CEO of ASAPmaps. Thank you for checking us out! Happy to answer any questions and would love your feedback on the system.

We, the Makers of ASAPmaps, have been running a web development, SEO & digital marketing agency for over ten years (it's called Epic Web Studios). During that time we've witnessed a massive transition to local search unfold; particularly in the past two years with Google's renewed focus on Google My Business. We've helped hundreds of clients improve their local web presence with lots of attention to detail, white hat technique, and countless man-hours. We know a few things to be true:

+ Google My Business is quite possibly the most important, yet overlooked, tool a local business can deploy.
+ There's no "big secret" to ranking on Google's local pack, success comes with attention to detail.
+ Improving your presence on Google Maps can absolutely bring more customers and more revenue.

These points are just a few of the reasons we've built ASAPmaps. We're offering a 25% discount for Betalisters only, because we truly value your input and contributions to the internet. Without you, the web would be a pretty terrible place! Thank you, again, for your consideration ❤️