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I love connecting, creating, career coaching, curating, collaborating, experimenting, systems thinking, and learning. I'm inspired by you!

This is a great idea. I think there other professional networking groups that get full of self-promotion and spam. How will you avoid that with Fluttr?
@DannonL Thank you!!!
We hate spam, trust me. We said from start that our network will be successful only if there are three key elements built in it: Trust, Interaction and Quality. Spam kills all of them.
So we have downvotes built in the feed. Somebody getting too many downvotes too quickly from their community is then restricted from posting in Fluttr. Another thing is a velocity and time check. Our intention is to block automated posts.
Ours is not a platform where we want sellers to sell their services as in other professional networks. We want Fluttr to be built on community of people that are passionate about specific topics and where that can find the right people and knowledge; so that one day they can transform their passion in something far more meaningful.
Thanks for the question Dannon. I hope we answered your question.
This idea seems truly innovative! Maybe you could expand it not just to co-working spaces but to companies who are looking to hire someone for gigs or even full-time.
I like the idea of working together to come up with a plan! There is a lot of need for collaboration. I am glad you will be working to make it a pleasure to look at.
@DannonL Thank you so much! Guys are working hard to get this app to everyone as soon as they can. Can't wait to hear feedback, once we're there.
I really love this idea. I think there could be much more collaboration in this space. It seems that many initiatives are needlessly segmented and with a little continuity, they could go forward with greater influence and power.
I have friends who do this type of coaching and I imagine they would love something like this app. Look forward to seeing it!
What a wonderful idea! I look forward to seeing what type of adventures I can have with my kids.
I have tried a similar concept using a shared Google Document. It seemed to work well and I had many comments from fellow students who used the shared notes to study before exams. Why would you make it anonymous? It seems like you would want some sort of accountability for something like this so people aren't abusing the system.
Great idea! It seems like there is a need for this that is easy and relevant. What are you going to do to ensure that the learning paths are relevant (well curated)? I look forward to seeing this product!
Also, your links to Facebook and Twitter aren't working on your site.
Context is crucial in just about everything! I love that this is what you are doing. I look forward to seeing how this works out. There are great opportunities here!
It appears that this is no longer an active website.
@FluttrSocial Here are suggestions: Professional Networking Done Right or Professional Networking focussed on Connecting Passionate People or Connect Your Passion and Interests to Learning and Opportunity.
@DannonL I'll tell you... At this point I'd love to have all the money that Apple had when they hired their marketing agency and came up with "Think different" or Airbnb that came up with "Belong Anywhere".
Summarising something complex in just a few words is such a complex matter :) so many thanks for your inputs. I personally love the last one...don't claim any copyright please! We are bootstrapping ;)
Great idea! I like being able to find an accountability partner. I also like the idea of keeping it as a snapshot, possibly keeping it all to one screen.
@DannonL Thanks Dannon! Yes we have a bunch of features in RAG List but I'm eager to find out which ones users find most useful.
Maybe there is an opportunity to use this service for finding an accountability partner as it relates to healthy eating?
There seem to be a number of sites competing in this space. What is your differentiation?