Founder of pear

Hello everybody.

Our dating application is called Pear, and our objective is to pair people. Users register with Facebook and fill in their profile, pics, and bio. Then, they are asked to rank users of the opposite sex by engaging in binary comparisons (they see two profiles at a time and select one of them). Using the results of binary comparisons to learn about users preference rankings, we then create matches employing a version of the stable marriage algorithm (a Nobel prize winning algorithm developed by mathematicians D. Gale and L. Shapley). Matches are then able to chat with each other.

Compared to standard mobile dating applications like Tinder, we introduce three key novelties. Firstly, users do not just say yes/no to other users. They are showed two users of the opposite sex and asked to pick one. For each user, using the data from her/his comparisons we are able to generate (via a binary insertion sort algorithm) a ranking over profiles of the opposite sex. Secondly, we use the rankings to run the stable marriage algorithm and produce a limited set of stable matches. Stability implies that if Ann is matched with Bob, then all men that she prefers to Bob are matched to someone that they prefer to Ann. Thirdly, by analyzing our wealth of data, we offer our users information on their desirability (e.g. we profile those people that rank them high) and on which photos make them look better by whom.

We think Pear is for you if you are tired of apps that match you with people who aren't really interested in you, or that don't message you back. Pear.me is not just another dating app, it's science!