Daniel Romero Garcia



Hi all! This is Daniel from Common Locals. I'll be glad to ask you any question you might have.

Wanna join us to this trip?
Hello! I've got a question. How are you going to monetize this? Do travellers have to pay for unlock featured plans?
Hello Marc, I'm so happy you like it! For us, the most important thing is that locals have things in common with travellers. In other words, like having a friend in destination who can imagine what is going to amaze you.
@rml723 You are right Reinhard, we will need to attract many locals to make this work. However, we are having so many applications because it's easier to create itineraries and share knowledge in comparison to renting your house. And I'm happy you mention AirBnB hosts because some of them are already sharing this knowledge with their guests. We are now testing many different ways to attract them, but any idea is more than welcome :)
Many thanks @findthatlead ! We are open to any kind of feedback or suggestion!
Thank you @ishalomdan ! We would love to listen more about your feedback & suggestions. We also invite you to join our community!
Thanks @SharingAcademy for your feedback! Hope we keep in touch for next updates!