Damien Adler


Co-Founder Power Diary, Psychologist and media contributor.

Congratulations Fiona, and thanks for letting us have early access during your initial beta! Over the last few months since release, not only has Actioned helped our distributed team ‘get on the same page’ in terms of what everyone is working on, but it’s actually helped increase our understanding of each other’s work styles and approaches. It’s also helped us identify that we were previously overestimating the number of things we could complete in a given time frame. This meant we weren’t actually getting to some of the important things and instead were bogged down on lower priority tasks. Since using Actioned we’re much better at zooming our focus down to just the three or four Actions each day that will make the biggest impact on the business. It’s exciting to see how this is transforming our approach and results already! Well done – Keep up the great work!

Disclosure - Actioned is Fiona App-ified :)

Fiona is my sister-in-law and I’m the co-founder of a SaaS that has over 26 000 users, and a largely remote workforce, so I jumped at the opportunity to start using Actioned as soon as the first Beta version was available.

Those who know Fiona personally, or have followed her professionally over the years often have one question - How does she get so much done? Whether it’s summiting Mt Everest, building successful businesses, having children, surviving cancer, moving to France, and a whole lot more - Fiona has a remarkable capacity to get things done! With Actioned, Fiona has identified the keys strategies that enable her and other ‘do-ers’ to achieve, and has turned these into an easy-to-use productivity app for teams. That’s why I think of Actioned as ‘Fiona, App-ified for teams’. Imaging having a team full of people, located anywhere, getting the priority things done every day!