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Since it's technically against the terms of service to charge for entrance to a Facebook Group, this sounds like a great alternative (I'm assuming it's not against Slack's terms of service).
@Cynthialil Thanks Cynthia! We think so as well :) We are looking for beta testers and would like to extend an invite to you if you are interested. Fee free to drop us a message on intercom (bottom right of our page) for early access.

-Seth @ SlackPass
I love this idea for two reasons, 1 there are a lot of empty spaces that are going to waste and 2, there's not enough support for the artists of this world. I'd love to start a small filming studio where I live for YouTubers and indie filmmakers but there's no way I could finance it alone.

Downside is, what happens if people back out after they agree. Do the others get stuck for his portion of the rent. And I feel like insurance is going to come into it and be a problem.
@Cynthialil Awesome comment and question Cynthia. Agree so strongly on the first two points you made. We don't just want artists to take over space for the first time in the building lifespan, we also want to secure the space for art for a long time! Our view on the problem you described, is that the same system that automatically groups the artists, also comes back into play if someone drops out. It's important to have rent stability when you're starting out. The app will create a virtual waitlist of people who want to join a space, and when you have an opening, the app will be ready to assist you by automatically inviting someone into the group to fill the spot. We may develop a way to screen this process, but right now it will at least get someone into the group quickly and keep the building owner in the loop on what's going on in real-time. Can't wait to get your feedback once you're using the app!