🎨 Andrew 🛠


Building @mockvisual (backed by @ycombinator) • Formerly @Flexport @Google @Intuit

Hey BetaList community!

I'm creating NextUX to make visual communication and rapid iteration easier for more people.

I'm an interaction designer with experience working at large tech companies as well as high-growth startups. I've seen firsthand how design tools often fail to accommodate the highly iterative, ad hoc, and messy development process.

My goal is to create an easy-to-use design app for non-designers and designers alike to collaborate and present feedback on digital experiences.

Whether you want to point out a small bug on your website or entirely re-design it, NextUX is a free tool that will help you share ideas with your team.

In the future, I hope to create the destination for all visual communication, collaboration, and creation.

I'd appreciate your feedback on how I can build a tool you love and use every day.

Thank you!



I created a few free design templates to help you get started with the app.

Basic design system: https://app.nextuxdesign.com/design/151c9b2f-818b-43c9-ae5c-05a26bf1a8cd

Wireframe UI kit: https://app.nextuxdesign.com/design/c85149de-955e-447b-a961-bf9bcc8ab750

Form design UI: https://app.nextuxdesign.com/design/69f181f8-53fa-4c05-8e2b-7fc0150bd3a9