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The page isn't resolving for me, error is 'too many redirects'
@CDJasonRichard Thanks for letting me know - investigating now! Try www.usebolt.io and usebolt.io (with and without www.).
@CDJasonRichard Should be fixed (may need to clear cache).
Cleared cache and cookies. Now I am seeing usebolt.io redirect to www.www.usebolt.io (2 www's) and giving the error "This site can’t be reachedusebolt.com’s server IP address could not be found.
DNS_PROBE_FINISHED_NXDOMAIN" Not sure if anyone else is also seeing this.
@CDJasonRichard Just double checking that you're visiting usebolt.io and not .com?
@CDJasonRichard Thanks for that, much appreciated. It's really unusual... I can't replicate the issue so I've deleted and re-added the domain records.

Everything is setup correctly now -- Initially, the primary domain was the non-www version, but that may have caused some re-direct issues to the www. version with AWS, which is potentially why you had the issue. I then switched it around so that the www. version was default, so you may need to flush your DNS and reset your IP if it doesn't work within the next 24-48hrs (it should).

We're still getting signups to our BETA so this doesn't seem widespread, unsure if it's affecting you locally. Sorry for the hassle! If you are still experiencing issues, feel free to reach out on Twitter or via support[at]usebolt.io - I'll be around to fix any issues (you deserve free lifetime access to Bolt!).
@CDJasonRichard One more thing - you can also try in incognito mode
Works now, thank you :-)
@CDJasonRichard Yay! If you're a member when we launch, ping me an email and I'll upgrade you :).