Blue Matador


Blue Matador is an infrastructure #monitoring tool that automatically monitors #AWS environments with zero manual setup, configuration, or ongoing maintenance.

Hi everyone,

We're really excited to be featured on BetaList and want to invite you to join our beta if your company is in need of a log management tool. We're the only one with AI-powered predictive alerting (not just proactive alerts). Head over to our site and enter your name and email to request an invite, or send this to your DevOps friends/co-workers.

Our beta starts at the end of May/beginning of June, and companies with beta users will enjoy a discount when our product launches. We'd really appreciate your feedback during the beta. Here's to five 9's!
Hi BetaList,

We're accepting beta sign ups (with Lumberjack log management access free for 30 days) through June 30th. Watchdog, our systems vitals monitor, is also in beta still but is free forever. Sign up for free and without a credit card at and download our agent on your servers right away.
@BlueMatadorInc Watchdog is a new product in the platform, focused on monitoring hardware for issues leading to downtime (CPU overload, ulimit errors, etc.):