Bestin Jacob


i won't signup for anything without knowing the product
i did't understand how this works
@Bestin_Jacob Thanks for your feedback Bestin! I got some questions about the service and they show clearly that I can do better in terms of explaining how the service works. Anyway, this video should explain pretty much the onboard process
If you have any further comments or enquiries, I will be glad to assist.
Thanks once again!
The page you were looking for doesn't exist.
@Bestin_Jacob Dang, sorry about that. Thanks for posting that - it's fixed!
@Bestin_Jacob Hello! Thanks for your interest :) I hope to finish it in less than two months, I suggest you to subscribe in the mailing list and I'll let you know as soon as it's ready. Plus, there will be a special price for early subscribers 😉
@SBirjoveanu Hello Sebastian! We offer 3 different plans: pro, basic and free. Our free version has the same features as a PRO plan (unlimited cloud storage included), however, contains some exporting limitations. Feel free to reach me if you have any other questions!
@Bestin_Jacob yes, StepShot has numerous plans one of which is totally free :)
@Bestin_Jacob It's a paid services model, with a soon to be released platform approach that allows clients to pay by transaction enabled.
i cant understand this, anyway i request early access.. can i earn through this app
@Bestin_Jacob This is a utility aimed for use in building web and software projects. It isn't a B2C app per se, rather an API that helps you build those. Can you earn through it? Absolutely, but that essentially depends on what you build out of it!