Besedky is an open video meeting platform with map-based rooms. Pin your rooms on a map and start discussion with the whole world. Find other rooms and join in.

👋🏻Hi dear community!
I’m Boris Koveshnikov - CEO of Besedky - an open videomeeting platform with map-based rooms.
As many other people me and my team got stuck at home with no possibility to travel, meet my friends and family, go to interesting places or just simply get outside of my house.
A world became so small. It decreased to a size of a flat….
But what if we still had a possibility to feel where’re we in this world and how actually big it is. What if we could not only connect to people around the whole world, but actually see to what place we are going for an online discussion.
🗺️Imagine - walking on the map and choosing - whether to join a chat on Art in Florence 🎨, a Cocktail party in New York 🍸 or a Health Lecture in Tokyo 💊….. And if you wish you can easily add your own topic room and invite others to join whenever they want to
We thought it would be cool and since we love maps as strong as we love travelling and communicating - we created Besedky.
Here’s a few reasons why we think you'll love it:
📍Easy creation of rooms:
You just press +Add card, pin your room, describe your room topic, add picture and Hurray! - you are ready to chat
🏝️Travel-like feeling:
Map gives you a feeling of travelling to other countries and discussing interesting things with locals or people interested in the same things
📷Content add-on:
You can easily add to your room tag a nice welcoming picture or emodji or video to capture new friends
We hope you enjoy it as much as we do.
We're just getting started here and use Meet jitsi for a video service inside our rooms, so for Mobile version you need to install it. But we plan to work on our own video service in the future. 😅
We would gladly appreciate any feedback on our product )
Warm regards,
Boris and the whole team of Besedky!
@ValeriyMakovet1 Valeriy, thank you for the question! We use Jitsi and it is maximum 75 users in one session. You can create many sessions at one moment and increase this limit (just try to Enter many rooms on our platform). In this case it depends of your internet connection speed.