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Making it up as I go along. Meetings and calls!

@gadgick Hey Nick, thanks for signing up. Trello is a great generic tool, I've been using it myself to manage my own projects. But it doesn't really know anything about your wider team, and it doesn't have any kind of persistent discussions for projects outside of task cards. With Worklight we're trying to do great task management as well as those two other things. The idea being, everything you need to know about a project lives in Worklight in a structured way, not just scattered through an endless Slack channel. And when you're working with other people who may not all be in the same location as you, it'll be really easy to keep tabs on who's working on what, and how far into their work day they are.

Hopefully it all makes sense when you get a chance to try it out! This was borne out of my own frustration trying to keep track of a project across multiple tools, so I'm hoping the solution resonates with other people who have felt that pain.
@zchsltmr Hi Zachari, it is indeed! In fact we just took part in a startup pitch competition last night. I know news has been quite quiet but we will have new developments to announce before the end of the year 😊
@BenKingNTU that’s awesome to hear. Can’t wait! I’ll be using it with two projects I have on the go at the moment. If you guys need anyone in digital marketing / growth hacking on board, let me know. Be willing to lend a helping hand!
Hi BetaList! My name's Ben, I'm the founder of Worklight. I've worked in remote teams for most of my career, but have always been frustrated by the project management tools out there. So I decided to build my own!

Thanks for checking us out and I'd be happy to answer any questions :)
Hi, everyone! I created Usercrowd because I've experienced the pain of managing user feedback and ideas in the past. I'd love to hear what the BetaList community think, and if there are any improvements we could make that would help!

Cheers 🤗
@BenKingNTU Hi. I like the idea and have just signed up, but not sure if it's just me but your own example "Try it out" button on your homepage didn't do anything when clicked.