Anna Winterstein


Frenchie founder @smartertime. Word-wielder, picture-maker. Empathy is key: true progress only takes place if we all grow together. Avec #M1717 à Londres !

Thank you so much for featuring us, guys! So cool to be listed among the great Betas out there!

If anyone has any questions, please shoot, we're happy to help in any way we can :)
@Awstein Yay, great to be on here! Hope you have as much fun with the app as we do :)
@Awstein I've just signed up for beta! and it looks really promising and handy so far !
Exited to start optimizing my time and having a clearer idea how i'm spending it.
@MikeKosulin Hi Mike, so far we're only available on Android, so we're asking your phone OS because we need to know whether we can send you your invite outright!
In your case, we can :)
Then if you want us to also put you on our Windows Phone list for later, you can send us an email to hello @ and we'll gladly do so. Hope that helps!
@Awstein thanks:) I'll enjoy to try on Android:)