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Looks pretty good... Definitely requesting a demo for the company.
@ArunadayB That's great to hear! Feel free to reach out to me to chat ([email protected])
@Ashley_game_on website doesnt work for me too..
@jamesq Are you guys still maintaining this? Very interested to create presentations on it.
Very interested in how this goes. Please keep us posted.
This is fantastic! Also because your condition gave birth to something useful for the world. I am sure this toll will be used and appreciated by all. Would love to collaborate/contribute to the app as a developer and will also share it around. Kudos up ✌️
@ArunadayB Thanks! Man, I really hope so. Would be great if it turns out useful for a lot of people. Still got a lot to figure out, so it might take a while before I start collaborating / hiring though ;)
This is good stuff. Wonder why there are so less likes on this. Would love to try it out.
Is an app for this also coming out? Then I think it's a fab product that we will be using a lot.
Fantastic idea... Looking forward to this..
@ArunadayB no need to wait. Just visit https://brill.app or the AppStore and download it today for free.