Ari Shapiro


I am a scientist and researcher who is interested in creating digital people.

@VVillhouse Thanks, Will. Any suggestions that you have to improve on-boarding or experience are appreciated.

The platform is mostly a 'builder' tool - it's difficult and complicated to build a talking character with AI, so we've try to lower the barrier of entry and simplify the process down to filling out a spreadsheet (you don't have to know anything about building 3D characters, animation, or even much about conversational AI.) There are some interesting potential uses, such as in A/R like this (which I built in about 20 minutes):

I anticipate that in the next year or two the personal assistant vendors (Amazon, Google, Facebook, perhaps Apple) will offer screens and SDKs for those platforms (more than just showing the contents of a web page). When that happens, I expect interest in building personalized, interesting digital characters to talk to about everything...