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Hey Everyone - At Grepsr, we have spent last couple of years trying to put together a simple and intelligent system for web data extraction.

We were big fans of Kimono Labs back in the day and were pretty disappointed when they discontinued their cloud service along with the Chrome bookmarklet. Since then, a number of Kimono Labs alternative have launched, however we felt like none of them had the simplicity and the ease-of-use Kimono offered.

Last year, we decided to take this burden on our shoulder and started hacking a tool. But more so from a point to help people who can't or don't want to "hack" a scraper, but still get the results they're looking for. Grepsr for Chrome is the outcome.

Yes! Just like Kimono, Grepsr for Chrome lets you turn a live website's data into Spreadsheets, JSON, RSS feeds or APIs using an intuitive point-and-click toolkit.

In the past few months, we have added some of the much requested functionality like fetching data behind log-in, supporting enhanced pagination (infinite scroll) etc. The response so far has been great and Grepsr for Chrome is ready to welcome you all!

Here are some of our users saying that it is much better than Kimono.

What's more: We integrate with popular tools such as Dropbox, Box, Amazon S3, Google Drive and much more ensuring you have consistent and live data updates across your systems.

We hope you will give Grepsr for Chrome a try, so that we can help you streamline your data ingestion process.

If you have any questions at all, do drop us in the comments below. We're really looking forward to your feedback!