Anton Skyba


co-founder at Moggie

Nice idea. Would be glad to try it.
@AntonSkyba Thank you! Can't wait to hear feedback once we're up and ready.
Nice! When you are planning to launch Audioknot?
@AntonSkyba Thanks! I think we need a couple of weeks to polish our MVP. Subscribe to a newsletter and we will let you know :)
Hey @RuslanNaz! Thanks a lot. You are right Internet+cats are the best combination ))
@gregoiregilbert Thanks! As any startup we face new challenges every morning :slightly_smiling_face: But our biggest challenge is to structure and classify vet data and make it tailored to each cat. We want to move online something that has always been :)
@HelloLence Thanks! We believe that cats need Moggie ))
Thanks @arturkiulian! We are planning to focus right now on beta testing (and you are welcome to test it), but hopefully it will be available at App Store by the end of the year.
Hey @asidden! Yes, we don't plan charge money for the app, so that as many cat owners will use it as possible.
Hi @fun_skier! No, Moggie is developed only for cats and tailored to their needs. Maybe in future we will make one for dogs :)
Thanks @Marg0red! Yes, you can add multiply cats and owners. So it developed for big cat families.
Thanks @center_yes! Yes, cats rule the world :)
yes @alenakrotuk! Once iOS version is launched, we will start working on Andriod version.
Will it be possible to have some trial period to test Amoly?