AntEater is the simplest, fastest way to share contacts with your team on Gmail, Outlook and Slack. The best CRM for small teams.

Hi there,

We started AntEater with a simple goal: To make all employees of fast growing organizations smarter by using AI, without requiring disruptive workflow changes, while respecting privacy and security.
We currently support G Suite with Slack support coming up. With AntEater users can:
- Find anyone inside and outside the organization who can help them with any topic being discussed. We use AI to extract topics so these are not simple keywords - they capture the most important conversations in the organization.
- Help leaders, managers and executives understand the flow of information across individuals and teams to measure and improve organizational performance.
- Help anyone explore the organizational network to make connections and get stuff done.

There is a quick demo without login required located here:
Click at the top for the other demos. And of course you can always sign in and get your live results!

Privacy & Security:
AntEater uses strong encryption and secure API's reviewed by Google to work its magic. We also provide extensive privacy settings for users to monitor and manage what information gets shared with whom on your team if you decide to use our team features.

Hope you enjoy our product and contact us or post a comment if you have any questions!
@VoxCollector Thanks! We're so happy to have you on the platform
Hey everyone!

AntEater helps manage email activity with your team, prospects, customers & partners from Gmail & Outlook. It's perfect for small businesses, startups and teams that are growing who want to use relationship intelligence to boost their day. Because team work is less work :-) and it works with Slack too.

It's like Hubspot+Crunchbase+LinkedIn with AI - and it takes just 30 seconds to try for free.

Oh, and we're also offering a 40% discount for Black Friday/Cyber Monday.

Happy American Thanksgiving! We're in Canada and will send you a virtual goose turkey (or cobra chicken) if you check it out.
@anttinder We love you too. See you in April!
@dsparksguest Thanks Denver, appreciate your enthusiasm! Yeah, we think it's too good of a deal, so we're going to extend it until Cyber Monday :-)