Annika Helendi


Experienced B2B SaaS growth leader. Remote work enthusiast (before it was cool).

We're the founders of a successful content outsourcing platform called ContentFly and this service is an extension of that. We kept hearing from startup founders that they don't have the skills or time to come up with a content strategy or topic ideas for the articles they ordered from ContentFly. So we built this service, so they could just sit back and deal with other business problems, while we take care of the content strategy and the creation process.
@GreggHoush Thanks for the feedback! This service ( includes the keywords and competitor analysis, topics generation etc on top of the ContentFly service, that's why the pricing is higher. If this is out of your budget, I definitely recommend you to use ContentFly and order all the content on your own. You can start with the standard plan that gives you 4000 words per month for $250 and once you have the processes figured out, you can upgrade to a custom higher volume plan.
@AnnikaHelendi Oh, I know why the pricing is higher. I agree with the pricing too, its great. It's just a little to much for a bootstrapped startup trying to get off the ground from someones basement. Even though every one of them needs this kind of service.
@_Matt_Bell We're using ContentFly's freelance writers for content creation and our in-house marketers are doing the competitor analysis, keywords, topics generation and putting together briefs for the writers.