Albert Santalo


8base Founder and CEO | Serial Entrepreneur (CareCloud and Avisena) | Technologist | Cyclist.

Hey Betalist! it's Albert, founder and CEO of 8base. I have spent a few decades professionally focused on business software in various capacities, including being an engineer myself and founding 2 venture-backed technology companies. As a practitioner, I was always frustrated with how difficult and expensive it was to build SaaS products. In early 2017, the team and I broke ground on 8base with a mission to make the building, running and scaling of business applications easy. We are extremely proud and excited about the beta launch of 8base. 8base puts the power of the latest and greatest platform capabilities and development tools into the hands of front-end developers. Developers proficient in Javascript can code build custom front-ends using Javascript, Typescript, GraphQL, Serverless, Command-LIne and more.

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