Andrew Johnson


Designer at @voxproduct. A bit of a rogue. @FontBureau, @FilamentGroup and @MIT_MEL alumni.

Hi Marc – thanks for the feedback!

Yeah! It’s very much meant to get out of the way so you can focus on how your type, color and fluid units work together (Sketch / Illustrator / Photoshop are all very much static environments). We just want to get you building the best base as quickly as possible since so much of web apps and sites are text focused.

That’s a cool idea, haven't thought much about it – what would that look like for you in your workflow?
@Aetherpoint If I'm designing something I think it's important to see it within context, because that's how my users end up interacting with it.

If I do the design on-the-fly I tend to make a quick sketch first, then add the HTML, and finally start styling it with CSS. For typographical fine-tuning I just keep changing the CSS attributes until it looks right using either MacVim + LiveReload or by using my browser's Web Inspector and see the changes live that way.

Where Typeshift could is by providing a GUI to do this fine-tuning so I don't have to mess around in the code. I'm not sure how that would work technically though.