Hi there! So excited about this. Can I ask exactly what materials the GoBone is made of? I saw on your website that it says FDA-approved food-grade materials. I have a labrador that has a chewer and has done well with most indestructible toys, but there are a few brands/materials he's chewed through and I just want to compare.
@AWill2Go Hi Alexa, I commented below. Let me know if you have any more questions.
I love 80s products! Really great concept, but to be honest I am not too thrilled about the headphones. Would you be willing to share what other products you're developing?
@AWill2Go There are many iconic technology products from the 70s, 80s and 90s which we are considering bringing back. We'll see which ones to focus on after these epic headphones. To be continued. :)
Any thoughts about going to other big cities around Europe?
@AWill2Go Hi Alexa. We would love to, and we hope to, but we are still in beta/early stages.
Would be great if something like this could integrate into my personal website. I don't want to have a separate website just for a portfolio!
@AWill2Go That's a great suggestion Alex. I've had a similar thought. A portfolio widget users can add into their personal website. That's definitely in the pipeline. May be in the phase 2. :)
What about languages? I imagine short ESL courses would be very desirable and useful to non-native speakers who have a few moments of idle time. Indeed, many people (myself included) use language learning apps like Mosalingua or Duolingo when we have a few moments of spare time.
I didn't see a link for people who want to work out to sign up, just trainers... Please let me know when you open up sign ups!
Are these workspaces only or could these also be places to live? Also, are you familiar with Breather spaces? How is your concept any different?
@AWill2Go Hi Alexa interesting question. Spacemarket offers the kind of workspaces that are more than just fit for meetings/hotdesks. We have a long history working with artists, makers and retailers, to find them piecemeal and affordable production spaces within the fabric of the city. We want to continue this, so while it is technically possible to list residential space and ordinary hot-desking/breather type space, it isn't what we've designed to support. We prefer people doing big things in strange spaces. We plan to tighten up the copy on our landing page to make it a little bit clearer. I'm not too familiar with Breather, but at a glance, a big part of what we're doing here that's different is that the spaces are listed by their owners in an ad hoc way, then they fill up with people and disappear. It isn't an index of a city's creative spaces. Additionally, where Breather offers space for teams, our model groups communities of creative strangers (currently up to 30 in a single space) to take on a conventional lease for the space on both short and long term agreements, without having known each other beforehand. Hope that brings a bit more nuance for you :)
I understand that this is not the goal of your product, but I wonder if these courses teach transferable skills? In other words, at the end of these courses, you'll be able to create your own app ideas? I've found similar products (codecademy, for example) don't effectively teach transferable skills.
@AWill2Go the goal of each course will be to copy a specific app like tinder or instagram. It will be straightforward to put your own spin on it like "tinder for food". If you want to create something completely different then things will be a little more difficult but the majority of what you learn will be transferable. e.g. how to layout your app, use components like buttons and listviews, connect it to a database, submit your app to the app store etc. These are all the same across all apps (with very minor customizations).
@JustinNothling Seems like this would be good for most app ideas, but for more complex/one-of-a-kind ideas, not sure this would transfer.
@AWill2Go Complex/one-of-a-kind ideas still use buttons and databases :) But I agree, it wouldn't necessarily be as straightforward.
@JustinNothling Seems like this would be good for most app ideas, but for more complex/one-of-a-kind ideas, not sure this would transfer.
@AWill2Go Complex/one-of-a-kind ideas still use buttons and databases :) But I agree, it wouldn't necessarily be as straightforward.
Hey! Great concept - seems like fitbit on steroids. Have you partnered with any insurance companies to allow Aura participants to save on their plan, or is this something subscribers would have to do on their own?
@AWill2Go Hi Alex, we're partnered with bunch of insurance companies. We will announce it soon at our FB and twitter pages.

It would be allowed to provide your fitness trainer or personal doctor with data from your AURA Band
Hi there! Just wondering how this is different from WorkRave? It's a free program that does the same thing...It looks like it's free to sign up for Curie now, but will it have a cost in the future?

Hi Axel!

Thanks for the question. The main difference is that Curie is personalised for your working environment and health conditions. What this means is that for example we do not ask you to do jumping jacks in front of the whole office. You can select a home or office environment. We also do not show you exercises that can worsen your health conditions when you have for example problems with your knee and cannot do sit-ups.

You also can set and change your daily break an exercise goals. Start with a break each hour, and then slowly move up to breaks each 30 minutes. That's great when you're used to sitting 4 hours without a break, as it's easier to get into a good habit.

Curie also provides interesting analytics about your sitting routine, on which you can improve and get more productive.
Lastly, Curie sends you notification reminders so you never forget a break or training.

That's just what we have in the beta :) A lot more helpful and productive improvements to come.
@AWill2Go Sorry, I mean Alex. Please excuse the mistake.
This is a great idea, as people usually come to my website to ask for advice. However, I noticed that the widget survey/application only asks for 1 area of expertise, which is problematic. I have 3 different audiences coming to my website for advice on three very different topics- English as a Second Language Education, Coding Bootcamps and Remote Work. Could this be an option you consider in the future?
@AWill2Go Alex, great feedback! Of course, if you are accepted for a single expertise we will definitely be willing to discuss enabling your Widget for multiple sites :)
@asktinaio Haha, I should have multiple sites, but for now I only have one.
@asktinaio Haha, I should have multiple sites, but for now I only have one.
Great Idea! Are there any rewards that go along with visiting your favorite places or do you have a plan to add a rewards program in the future?
@AWill2Go Yes! The more you check in at the best places in your home city and in other cities, the more your favorite is worth. Even keep track of where you've been. Working on more rewards every day. Sign up at wehavetast.com.
Can you upload separate audio and voice over tracks? I currently have a paid subscription to Biteable and you cannot do it. Same with Animoto. I haven't been able to find a video maker that does this?
@AWill2Go Yes you can. You can upload or even record a voiceover for your scenes. And the video can have a separate background music. Volume is altered automatically between different sound pieces and you can change it manually as well.
Would Biashara Bot be a good tool for selling services as well? I sell online courses and English lessons online and just wondering if it would work for that?
@AWill2Go BiasharaBot works well for those selling goods online, however, we are working on something for services and we will get back to you when we launch.