David Trattnig


Post* | Software Engineer | Creative & DIY | ❤ open [source, data, commons] //founded @webjetsio

Dear BetaList community,

Thank you very much for your response and the plenty sign-ups we've got. We got amazing feedback and many users a confirming the versatility of Webjets.io.

You guys rock!

There are so many productivity apps out there. We always have been avid fans of those tools, like for example Trello and Evernote. Existing apps where not flexible enough to us. This means you either have to adapt your workflow or use a bunch of different apps to get your work done. This way you lose focus and your pieces of work are spread across data silos.

So we built an app for seamless productivity, by being able to combine any content with any other content or even app. And visualize everything the way you want.
@traderserge We are very happy that Webjets.io helps your productivity so much!
@gossettele Bea, it's great to hear that Webjets.io simplifies your life! :-)
Excellent tool for productivity!