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Came across this page and found that there is no user feedback. As I am currently using FunnelBake, I hope that my comments below will be useful for potential users as well as for the founder(s) of FunnelBake.

Had used more than 20 similar apps over the last 15 years. Funnelbake is by far the latest and the best email outrearch app for both sales and marketing purposes, and to an extent form part of CRM if one uses an appropriate integration via Zapier. It combines many functions/options existing with other individual apps on the market under one single app. Some of the FunnelBake's best features are (https://funnelbake.com/feature):

* Visual & user-friendly UI/UX
* Real-time notifications whenever an outreach email is opened, links clicked or bounced
* Functions (eg. email follow up, resending) are automated
* Dashboard & statistics displaying campaigns with an option to zoom into individual particular email
* Options for email integration with SMTP, Amazon SMS, Gmail etc.
* Variety of pre-made templates for use/reference
* Option for further email template customization
* Email system able to handle graphics
* Email sending automation based on recipient previous email opening patterns (future release)

In just 5 months of using the app, there were more than 30 features enhancement, new releases, and updates (bugs fixing etc.). This clearly shows something about the team behind Funnelbake.

It was announced that the following functions shall be in operation from July 2018 onwards:
* Introducing the new UI
* New Campaign Builder
* Zapier Integration
* Image Personalization
* Slack Integration (or towards the end of 2018)

Honestly, for anyone with serious intention to adopt a brilliant piece of sales/marketing outreach app like Funnelbake, rather than researching and reading countless reviews, why don't invest 5 minutes to set up a trial account and test run the above features yourself? (I did and am blown away with it!!)

As at June 2018 now, the artificial intelligence part of the roadmap confines to some basic functions and have not been fully developed on the platform. Hence, one needs to start a couple of trial/test campaigns to get hands-on with the platform. It is best if the AI development can accelerate so as to transform the existing app into a wholly new sales and marketing prospecting beast!

In addition, a monthly or bi-weekly (once every 2 weeks) newsletter on new releases, updates or feature enhancements would be ideal for keeping in touch with end users/customers.

Overall, as an existing user, I am satisfied with the ROI (value) that the app brings. The current pricing is beautifully reasonable for most small and medium enterprises to scale up their business operation.

The main benefits that the software brings are:
1. Process(es) automation;
2. Process(es) integration; and
3. Process(es) analytics

As in 2018, it is hard to have competitive advantages over competitors without automation, integration, and analytics for all business processes. In short, the profit margin is limited when operating a business without these 3 processes in place.
@5starsday what an amazing review! Thank You!