Usama Khaled ✪


👇 I just love building & growing SaaS products.👇 🔥 — 📅 — 🔊

Hello everyone. 👋
I'm the founder of Contentdrips. Super excited to see Contentdrips on Betalist. We had our Producthunt launch few days ago & we hit #3 product of the day and got very good response.

Product is still new. We're adding new templates every month. If you have any questions, feature request or suggestion.
Feel free to ask me here or maybe tweet me at @im_usamakhalid.

See you on Contentdrips 👍
Thanks Betalist for featuring it.

Excited to share this with Betalist community. So lots of thing have been updated now in the tool. Added a Text to Carousel feature few days ago which allows you to make carousel post just by typing or pasting any text.

You should be turning you Twitter thread, blogposts or any sort of text content into a carousel post for LinkedIn & IG. They tend to perform much better than other types of post. Specially on LinkedIn.

Let me know if you guys have any feedback for the tool.
@Juliechestnuts Thank you! Glad you like it. Let me know if you got any feedback.