Chimichurri's framework combines an application building platform (Chimi) with an optional custom development & support team (Churri) to help entrepreneurs build successful SaaS businesses in an…

SaferChild: Smart Locator

SaferChild lets you know your kids are safe at any location by using small and durable smart locators. Smart locator is placed on the inner side of the doors at safe environment (home, school,…


PrivateHero is a place, where you get your project done with a quality and warranty of established company for the price of a freelancer. We hand-pick best available designers, developers and…


Recommendations (by Receiptful) are recommended product widgets that can be used anywhere on your eCommerce store. Recommendations are powered by machine learning algorithms that recommends relevant…


Metaphorio is an online collaboration platform designed by video producers for video producers to help them manage their productions efficiently from A to Z. For many video production projects, the…

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Some of the startups we previously wrote about before they launched.
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Get Worm

Get Worm helps early adopters discover startups based on their interests and get recognised and rewarded for joining them at an early stage. In turn we help startups find their users.


Coral is an interactive home guide that helps your guests get settled easily and eliminates hosting-related headaches. Hosts on home sharing platforms like Airbnb can share all their important home…


Eo lets you meet new people in other countries before you arrive. It's like Tinder hooked up with Airbnb and birthed a baby. Eo connects you with people who either have the same traveling interest as…


Nexpick is a platform for people to organise their life. With Nexpick keep the things you care about in one place by creating collections of your picks. We make it easy to collaborate & share…

WAVE Personal Calendar

WAVE Personal Calendar is a calendar app for Android and iOS users that provides access to personal assistants helping you with your everyday tasks.