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Splikity remembers all of your passwords so you don't have you.

Hidden Hostels

Hidden Hostels are tucked away, off the beaten track, ready for you to explore. Find great hostels and book online. It's time to escape the crowds and explore new places & people.


DailyMetrics is a cloud-based e-commerce analytics platform for shop managers, sales and marketing teams. Based on the provided reports and the advanced analytics engine, the user will be able to…


Crux understands that group chats can get messy and annoying, and we simply want to make them cool again. Whether you’re a part of a greek community or a student club on campus, Crux helps you…


Haus is a utility to make your home life easier: from paying your bills on time, to remembering where you put that lease, to dealing with perpetually-late-paying roommates. With that in mind,…

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Some of the startups we previously wrote about before they launched.


TwinPics is funny a memory game that allows you to improve your memory by discovering beautiful pictures from Unsplash.


Immediately lets business professionals close deals anywhere they are, from inside their mobile email inbox. We are the first fully cross-platform email tool for closing deals.…

Promoter's Table

Promoter’s Table is working to change the way ladies get access to exclusive table and bottle service at the hottest clubs and lounges around the world. Currently in private beta, we will be…


EduSpanish provides you with a cultural and personalized learning experience through stories and interactive content. Our online program has everything you will need to learn Spanish including access…


MobileSuites lets guests access hotel services (room service, cabs, amenities etc.) at any hotel directly from an app on their phone. We are launching a beta with over 500 hotels including all the…