Pocket Social

Pocket Social enables you to manage your business or personal social media from your phone in between meetings, whilst waiting for a train or in the queue for a coffee. We have created a web app that…


SignSchool is an online platform for learning American Sign Language. Using a suite of innovative interactive exercises developed in collaboration with renowned ASL instructors and Deaf community…


Wype is an on-demand car cleaning and wash service that is 100% completely waterless and safe. Saving water, donating water and bringing convenience to everyone with a car is what we do.


Matrify is a web-based database (DBMS) providing a simple and powerful way to organize and access information with just a browser, on notebooks, tablets and smartphones. It's a convenient…

Tila helps you manage your software project from design to implementation. Keep everything from design documents to tasks and issues in the same workspace, everything easily updated and tracked.

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Some of the startups we previously wrote about before they launched.


Wake is the best way to share visual work with your team. It’s simple, fast and will help all of us design better products by allowing ideas to be shared faster and more often. With Wake, you’ll know…


Piquin gives companies a new tool to create a better working environment by providing employees rewards for their days/nights spent working hard to meet deadlines. It's time to care more about…


Chooos turns any Facebook page into a beautifully designed, high converting storefront. It enables anyone to accept orders straight on Facebook, and boosts sales with promotional campaigns.


52Metrics is an employee feedback application that enables business owners to tune into the pulse of their employees, every week. It does so by asking a simple question that can be answered… is an aggregated and social-ranked tech/geek news for techie fomos. You don't need to struggle with lots of tech news anymore. Configure it and then get scheduled emails because you can…