Pip West

Pip West merges the mobile and desktop experiences. The standard mobile device has turned into a powerful handheld console, leaving most of us with essentially two computers and two screens to bounce…


Pipe is a simple & secure communication tool for busy professionals. Pipe lets you communicate in real-time with anyone, your co-workers, clients, or prospects without ever sharing your personal…


OpenHedgeFund is a free community base platform, based on an intuitive and simple design. Traders are empowered to create, test and run their investment portfolios (actively managed with different…


Ogment is a one-of-a-kind lesson creation and resource management tool that helps teachers quickly create, align, share and deliver lessons, assessments or courses using web content or…


BIZBACE takes your business' lead generation and marketing execution out of your hands so your team can focus on delivering your product and building your business.

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Some of the startups we previously wrote about before they launched.

Escrow my bits

Escrow my bits is a new escrow service for bitcoin users that is proudly powered by bitreserve. Escrow my bits supports some never before seen escrow features. For example we support bitcoin escrow…


Snaptivity is a unique open environment that allows you to share snaps with people selected by their presence in the picture. With Snaptivity you will know about every snap of you, and you will be…


Roach is a tool built entirely around commenting on and sharing things online. We wanted to organize discussion and integrate it into the browsing experience more seamlessly, so Roach is built into…


Gazelle is an email app redesigned with a focus on user experience. It elevates your behaviors in using email as a cloud storage, file transfer, as well as a social network tool. Other than the…


Thred is the fast, easy, private way to share content across multiple networks. Install on your devices and enjoy a new way to communicate around topics and content with friends or colleagues.