Infiniscene is an entire live video production suite right in the web browser. Infiniscene enables gamers to easily create beautiful live broadcasts to any livestreaming platform. Design, produce, and direct from anywhere with no experience or expensive hardware. Seamlessly connect game data and…


1Blocker makes it easy to block ads and tracking scripts just by flipping a switch. We have a huge hand-picked list of preinstalled blockers for you to choose from. It is time to stop ad networks and analytics providers build deep profiles about you.


Dotr is a new community application for tourists and locals to discover new things in a city. Simply choose one of our itineraries created by experts and start exploring. The application will guide you through the city, give you usefull information about your global path and the different points of… is a platform for creating beautiful design portfolios and connecting up and coming designers with real, valuable work experience.


Proud makes you smarter, acts as an external brain for your ideas and thoughts, helps you with remembering important moments, actions and habits in your life and helps improving your productivity so that you do much more in less time! If you are the kind of person that likes to have a total control…

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Some of the startups we previously wrote about before they launched.
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Froodly is an mobile application that allows shoppers, with the help of crowd contributors, to find expiring products in their area that are discounted, allowing them to help in the fight against food waste to protect the environment, and saving money while they're at it.


SpikeNode enables developer teams to easily deploy applications to the cloud in a fully automated way, without the need of a DevOps resource. Application environments are managed by SpikeNode so security and consistency is maintained, while achieving cost effectiveness by using a multi-cloud…


SwapBuy is a new online platform for people & business's around the world that enables them to swap, buy & sell their belongings, stock & services to like minded people in an affordable, easy and fun environment.


FormBeacon makes form creation easy for you and form completion simple for your audience. Build forms quickly using drag-and-drop design on your smartphone or on the web. Activate Bluetooth and auto-fill to let anyone discover and complete your forms in mere seconds.

start A FIRE

start A FIRE enables you to promote your social presence and content over any link you share on social media or newsletters. For a fully automated and seamless experience start A FIRE is integrated with Hubspot, Buffer and Oktopost.