Baker's Batch

Baker's Batch is a platform to help you discover exceptional baking recipes, noteworthy bakers and exciting new brands. To start, we plan on featuring 1 new baker and 3 new brands a month. Users who share their baked recipe using #bakersbatch are entered to win giveaways from our partner brands.

Scibler Automatic Assistant

Scibler automatic assistant is a calendar and todo app that automatically populates and manages itself. We have developed new AI technology that infers and prioritises meetings and todos directly from email. Scibler's smart notifications alert you only when something specifically needs your…

Yogurt Labs

Yogurt Labs is an innovative mobile platform which will enable Businesses of all size to harness the power of video. Create professional, cost-effective videos within few minutes with no video editing or shooting experience required. With Yogurt App even smaller companies can meet the increased… is a service that gives freelancers and small teams in the fields of web-design, photography and programming their own platform to discuss, share documents and give feedback.


WILY is Why I Like You. A quick and easy way to tell someone why you like them. Like a search engine for like phrases. Your message will be anonymous until the recipient guesses or reveals your identity. The more WILYs you receive the more you can discover who likes you and even more importantly,…

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Some of the startups we previously wrote about before they launched.
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Checkout by Octobat

Octobat Checkout provides a fully automated billing solution and allows you to collect payments and subscriptions without having to develop a backend. Octobat calculates taxes before payment for all business models (Recurring, One-off charges, Marketplaces), makes it easy to comply with tax…


Instacount is a globally distributed Web API for quickly and persistently counting things. Any developer can create an in-memory counter. But making cross-cluster, highly-scalable counters that don't get in the way of your actual application under extreme loads -- that can get complicated…


Rally helps campaign supporters connect, chat, and coordinate with other supporters on a national and local level! Rally unites the campaign bases under one centralized mobile platform and makes it easy to discover new discussions on the latest news, issues, and events for your favorite candidate.

Invincible Audio

Invincible Audio developed the B.R.O. Ball to put your music in the game. It is a floating speaker but it can also be fully submerged in water, it can take on high velocity impacts, and is resistant to sand and dirt. In addition to being able to take a hit, the B.R.O. Ball packs a serious punch of…


Knokal is a place for small businesses, startups, freelancers and soloists to do business. We give the little guy a platform to market themselves to other businesses, and at the same time help them find businesses or partners that can help build their business. Every member has a detailed profile…