CoPylot manages all your iOS text from a dashboard. Instead of waiting on Apple to review changes, a product manager can go in and instantly edit and deploy in-app text. Instead of pinging a developer to edit the code, marketing can implement the new brand language from their browser. You can…


SiteManager is a new platform for custom webdesign in the cloud. It contains 3 time-saving applications who seamlessly work together. A complete solution for professionals creating custom web projects for their clients. Traditional webdesign processes are time consuming, redundant and outdated.…


Pot lets you collect photos of a trip or an event directly to your mobile's gallery. Sync pots among your friends in a single click. Each pot is saved as a folder in the phone's gallery itself. It's that simple.

Laud Social

Laud Social makes keeping all your social channels full of content super easy. We're a content marketing platform which is super fast and easy to use to find and share great content with your social media channels and blog. We also have reporting, a way for you to get your content shared by other…


Clasty is a tool created to help you classifying your customers in order to prioritize leads with the best marketing approach and increase your sales. We use Machine Learning to create the best customer classification algorithms for you. Forget about coding or complex software deployment. Just use…

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Some of the startups we previously wrote about before they launched.
Previous startups logos


7dayz is a real time location based network on visual stories. 7dayz let’s user discover real stories from their friends, people they follow & places near them. 'Realtime' and popular from last 7dayz. At first place it looks like any other Photo-sharing app. But from there things starts…


Crowledge is the instant Q&A platform for creative professionals like web designers or architects. It allows to post a profession-related question and be instantly connected to an expert who can answer the specific question. It will be possible to use different formats, just as the question…


Moxy is a fast and fun way to leave posts at real world locations and share them with friends, family, or the world. Take a photo or write a message and tag it to a location. Share with one or more of your contacts and they will be notified of the post when nearby. You can also share it publicly…


Curate allows users to create playlists as large as they'd like in as little as 30 seconds. Simply select the number of songs you'd like in your playlist, then select your favourite artists, genres or albums and the percentage they should take up in your playlist. Finally, just name your playlist…


NAVV takes you to where photos were taken. Navigate by photos.