Atomic Reach

Atomic Reach Audience Insights helps you create highly engaging audience focused content, through a series of diagnostic and prescriptive measures. We are not an SEO platform, but instead, think that…


Vestium is changing how you find the latest fashion trends from your iPhone. Sign up for early access to be amongst the very first users.


Raidboxes provides you with the best managed WordPress hosting in Europe. For agencies, bloggers, designers and startups. All data is protected by the German Federal Data Protection Act and is…


RapidMoon is a collaborative web-based Responsive Web Design platform that feels like a design tool with drag/drop features and which creates clean, professional HTML front-ends. However, you are…


RCKTbox is an easy to use tool for anyone to create stunning online contact cards that make you and your company look great. 

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Some of the startups we previously wrote about before they launched.


Tourlancer is a place where tourists can come together and meet other travelers and tour guides. The modern tourist can now enjoy a freelance approach to sightseeing, by fully customizing their…


Femonoe is used by companies to create thematic searches in social networks (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Google news, Bing News) around a subject. A thematic search is formed using specific…

BC on Time

BC on Time is a nationwide monthly birth control delivery service. Just signup online with a new prescription or transfer your existing prescription. We are accredited in all 50 states and accept all…


Perssist provides access to an army of on-demand remote personal assistants to take care of time-consuming personal tasks. It is a mobile-first service that allows anyone to have an assistant at…


Picks is a place to find, save, discover, and share, the things you actually enjoy doing. For example, you can look up Godzilla, read the description, and save it to a list for the movies you want to…