Track is on a mission to make self-employment as easy and rewarding as traditional employment. Today, we are focused on making tax withholding for freelancers as easy as it is for employees.


MyFiTracker is the missing tool enabling trainers and trainees to overview their fitness journey. Easily add new sessions with an intuitive design and an expanding database of over 400 exercises and monitor your weight and body mass index progress through time. Overcome your limits by easily…


ChargeLoop provides you with the tools you need to invoice your clients online. With just a few clicks send an invoice to your clients accept all major credit cards and know exactly when and if your client opens the invoice. No more lost invoices!


Spryng is a mobile application that gives you the power to connect with other entrepreneurs, venture capitalists and PR Writers. Network with others that share in your passion. Ask your network for entrepreneurial advice or simply discuss startups/ideas with people you trust. Inter-Entrepreneurial…


Major ° scans the area around you and suggest you to move you towards the nearest point without price markup. Sometimes you would use Uber normally, but an increase is being requested and the tariff is too high. Uber calls that Surge Pricing. Do you know that sometimes you just need to move a few…

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Some of the startups we previously wrote about before they launched.
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Current is an online web app that lets companies find awesome people without accepting a bloated and boring resume. Send a custom application with cultural and technical questions, allow your teams to vote and comment on candidates, visualize where someone is in your process (phone, in person,…


doopoll is a decision making tool which uses highly effective polls (loops) to gather rapid feedback from small groups up to thousands at a time. Users can project the live results onto a screen or view them from any device and react to the data coming in on the fly. doopoll responses are…


Sleekr is a beautifully crafted cloud application to help startups and small business start their first HR functions or to help their HR admin guys. Unlike many advance but niche application where business or startup owners need to subscribe to many applications and spending time on integration,…


Candidate is a question and answer game where you can meet new people. Initially, the game is strictly anonymous. A mystery host creates a game of questions and evaluates the answers of the other participants. The winner of the contest and the mystery host will then be able to communicate and see…


Jumpr allows customers to pre-order and pre-pay for their food and drink so that upon their arrival they can pick it up and leave.