ClosetHop is a seamless way to buy fashion and beauty products on Instagram. As a buyer, look for #closethop, click the Like button, and follow the link in your notification center to directly…

FatherIO is a free2play (but not pay4win) war-game & real-life battle that merges digital experiences with the real world.


zensplit enables friends, families and communities to come together as a group and collect or pool money securely and effectively for any purpose or cause such as a ski vacation or a new coffee…


Comnio improves the customer service experience by connecting consumers with virtually any business or service provider – seamlessly across multiple channels of communication. Registered users can… is an app that allows you to snap a picture while cleaning your city. We think it's a fun and social way to make our cities cleaner, healthier and shinier.

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Some of the startups we previously wrote about before they launched.
Previous-startups-logos is a customisable video player that allows you to focus on your content. We make it easier for brands and publishers to engage their audience, capture leads and increase conversions.…


Roadshow is a dead simple and smart pitching solution for salespeople. With Roadshow you will know when to follow-up, who to follow-up with and what to say.


WULU is a real-time, on-demand conversation platform. Select a trending topic from your personalized dashboard, and you'll be paired with real people looking to talk, just like you. Conversations…

Eminence: Xander's Tales

Eminence: Xander’s Tales melds the strategic game play of popular trading card games with the community and storytelling features gamers enjoy in massively multiplayer online roleplaying games…


Knock is the messaging app for building residents. It's the easiest way for neighbors to have group or private conversations on their phones. Knock is great for sharing utilities, subscribing to…