Rappora is an online platform that helps businesses acquire and retain new customers. Our platform allows a customer to reach out to a business they are interested in, and makes it easy for…


Medifi delivers remote medical diagnostic solutions to a growing breed of internet savvy consumers. By providing an online platform that connects to medical professionals regardless of location,…


Sense simplifies access to information and news. It will save you precious time and energy by selecting only the most important content. Just connect your Facebook, Google, and Twitter profiles or…

Lemigo HR

Lemigo HR makes it super simple to manage your team. Annual leave requests, salary tracking, project pipelines and more in one beautiful app to stop you from drowning in spreadsheets.


Pick takes the back and forth out of getting people together to do the things they want to do. It compares calendars, suggests times and books events so that more of what you’d like to happen,…

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Some of the startups we previously wrote about before they launched.


Inflowr is a web search engine that does not track users. It has an awesome user interface design and is hosted in Europe to protect users with strict data privacy laws.


Xtensio helps you visualize your business profile, with the quickest DIY infographics specially designed for entrepreneurs. It's the perfect platform to create an overview of your product for…

Startup Stash

Startup Stash is the best and easiest way to find resources that can help you while building your startup. Startup Stash is free to use and updated on a regular basis. It's free because startups…


Luna is the smart mattress cover that makes any bed smart. Through its proprietary technology Luna measures the quality of your sleep and automatically adjusts your bed and bedroom to fit your sleep…


Strumly is a music streaming service for local bands and artists. Users can filter artists by their location, and save bands to their favorites list. Top charts are refreshed daily, and can also be…