Dot lets you leave comments and remarks at places, lets you categorise these places and discover places by theme or through people. Part of TNW Boost


Promisely is about recognising that to-do lists suck: what matters is keeping your promises. So instead of trying to help you change how you work, we help you do what you're already doing, only…


Doctant is the best way for developers and their teams to write and publish documentation for their apps and clients to a hosted environment in a single click.


Bookya is a place for artists and promoters to find each other with a magical location-based discovery tool. We match artists and promoters at the right time, location and for the right occasion. But…


COGXIO lets you discover real people around you in real-time. Bring people together more often to enable real life interaction using our human intelligence platform.

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Some of the startups we previously wrote about before they launched.
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Export To Salesforce

Export To Salesforce allows you to export a LinkedIn profile into a new, pre-populated, Salesforce contact in just one click! Don’t waste time manually inputting new contact data from LinkedIn to…


Bundlin lets you capture the valuable process of finding amazing content in the most seamless and rewarding way possible. You can establish your expertise on any subject you know a ton about by…


Rive turns you into a social butterfly. From sharing contact information to continuing the conversation after, Rive is steroids to a networker. Rive is smart and does everything from giving you an…


Capitan knows where shopping items are located within the store and saves you time looking for them. It is location-aware and learns your shopping tastes through time and recognizes when you are at…


Blis helps you keep the spark alive in your relationship. Blis is your personal mobile concierge that plans amazing dates for you and your partner.