Dudestars are reward charts for adults. They aim to inspire, motivate, and add a little fun to almost any group activity. They can be in all sorts of places such as dorm rooms, classrooms, barber shops, bars, and even corporate offices.


Kwambio begins by choosing a product from one of four main categories (Fashion, Home Decor, Gadgets and Art), which you can then customize and personalize within a few clicks of a button. Just hit the “print” button to receive the product. All products are verified and ready for customization,…


Lavaboom is the first secure email client that puts User Experience first. We have an easy to use interface. A great OpenSource community via github and an overall nice to lok at highly secure webclient. Lavaboom uses JavaScript on the client side to ensure a complete end-2-end encryption policy…


Sirvo is a social recruitment and hiring platform helping to bridge the gap between employers and job seekers in the service industry. Offering a time-savings to employers in the service sectors (bars, restaurants, retail, hotel, etc.) and a streamlined job search/application process for job…


Tripstir is a social travel platform that allows users to share and broadcast their travel plans and experiences with friends and followers. Users can share their upcoming travel plans and get notified of overlaps with the people they're following. Afterwards, they can document their trips via…

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Some of the startups we previously wrote about before they launched.
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Unbias trains your brain to detect cognitive biases in context, and use them to your advantage. The way you think affects what you become. Your goals, decisions and thinking patterns are unconsciously influenced by cognitive biases. Learn how the mind works, and learn to trust where your judgement…


Rivlr's platform allows you to challenge any other player, acts as the trusted intermediary until the tournament is over, and awards the prizes automatically. Whether you want to play a 1v1 tournament against your friend for $10 and bragging rights, or train your skills by playing with skin in the…


WallaMe lets you make your mark on the walls, share it with your friends or make it public. WallaMe is a cross-platform mobile application that allows users to add a digital layer to physical walls and share it with friends. It adopts augmented reality in a completely new way to enrich the…


Nebia is a shower meticulously crafted to embody the highest standards of experience, design, engineering and water and energy use. Nebia uses advances in technology to atomize a stream of water and fill your shower with a warm and cozy embrace of tiny droplets. You're left feeling clean,…


MusicLamhe lets you enjoy cover songs by famous artist. Currently cover songs are aggregated from YouTube with two languages English and Hindi. Be one of the first 500 to register and we'll give you premium features for free.