Monitorica is a dashboard tool for testing and monitoring every website you manage. All in one place. It combines the power of real-time monitoring and testing features in a simple dashboard,…


Locance allows you to receive alerts about what you care about and of local places you love. Subscribe to a place, decide what matters to you and select a preferred time to get notified. That's it!


Huntoff will allow you to find any hunt anywhere at anytime. Huntoff is a new peer-to-peer platform where all land owners can hire out and invite others to their hunt. It will be a closed community…


MentorChimp is an online platform service that enables students to find tutors for the subjects they need. Registered users can post their tutoring services through our website. Students can search,…


SwipeColor is an addictive iOS game about colors and gestures! Get as far as you can and reach the top of the leaderboard swiping or tapping the tiles. But don't touch the wrong colors, or it's game…

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Some of the startups we previously wrote about before they launched.
Previous startups logos


Tripod allows you to take a photo and share it with the shape that you pick. It's very simple. People won't like taking photos with Tripod, they will love it!


Lendal lets you borrow stuff you want or need, and make money off what you don't. Lendal is the sharing economy—the Airbnb for the rest of your stuff. Have you ever been in the middle of putting…


inKin is designed for active and adventurous people who care about their well-being and the health of their friends and family. The platform lets you team up with your friends and family across the…


ClearPredictions is a predictive analytics platform. We make predictions no longer exclusive to big players that can afford to hire teams of data scientists, but instead open it up to everyone.


Frienderly is a networking platform for people who want to enjoy activities with new friends. Users can connect with new people in different cities through a multifunctional interactive message…