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BookitLyst is a web and app marketplace designed for the millennial who is most comfortable booking leisure travel online, yet has a growing appetite for global experiential and authentic travel experiences. Planning a multi-city hiking and ski trip in South America, or visiting a politically…


OTO is an intelligent device that is changing the world, one safe driver at a time.

Earthling Box

Earthling Box is a subscription box that curates goods from a specific culture. Within the box, there will be items that engage each of your 5 senses. The box parallel the travel experience meaning that the first box from a country will be an overview and each subsequent box will showcase more…


Sapio is a dating app that focuses on two things. Physical Attraction (we use a mutual opt-in system similar to Tinder for enabling chat). Personality Discovery and Curiosity (Our unique Question/Answer system allows for an entirely new way to evaluate other users)

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Some of the startups we previously wrote about before they launched.
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Partake makes it easy to meet new people while enjoying social activities. You can browse activities created by people near you or create activities to enjoy with others. You decide the time and place of the activity, and with whom to enjoy it with. Partake offers robust filter options that help… is a cutting-edge open-source CMS that uses a real-time visual environment instead of writing code, opening endless possibilities for web designers while not compromising on content management. Goodbye messy templates, design now defines the process.

Metrix, from Trakio

Metrix from Trakio connects all of your customer data in a beautiful native iPhone app, allowing the whole team to collaborate around the customer metrics that drive growth in your startup. Connect Stripe, Mixpanel, Zendesk, Mailchimp, and more apps coming soon. Signup for pre-launch now


Jasper is an app that helps you and your groups of friends find and plan social activities together. You can create groups and events, request places and activities based on your interests, make suggestions, and vote on where to go. Want a particular drink, or style of music? Just hashtag it:…


HeyScale is a set of tools for modern and frictionless employee communication. Great internal communication tools are crucial for a successful company and increase operational effectiveness. HeyScale sits on top of Slack and allows you to schedule important announcement and send recurring reminders…