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Showpitch is a collaborative community that empowers emerging filmmakers and content creators along with aspiring talent, musicians, athletes and writers to connect with each other, to fans, to…


Figibox lets you drop messages anywhere to anyone. To access the message, recipients must go to the real-life location where the sender dropped the Figibox.

People Clothing

People Clothing will send you a monthly supply of premium t-shirts at the beginning of every month. Send back last month's and they will be given to people in need.

Akordis Sales

Akordis Sales is an easy way to close more deals. If you've got a lead that you want to win, Akordis Sales will show how to improve your chances as you build a strategy to beat your competitors.…


Wibib is a new layer on top of the emails which defines new message types like: Task, Question, Poll, Form, etc... These messages are fully interactive. You can see the results of a poll, or the…

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Some of the startups we previously wrote about before they launched.


Teezr makes sending pictures and text messages fun and exciting. Take a picture or write a message, add your censors, set the timer, and send it. Those who receive your message will have to wait…


Raacks wants to change today’s shopping habits by making it much more convenient. By listing all brands and stores on our social app, we give users instant access to thousands of products on the go.…


ShoutGone is a service that allows users to comment on anything on the web using a unique "self-destructing" comments platform - say what's on your mind without worry it will last…

Weekend Lessons

Weekend Lessons wants you to experience new things Thursdays to Sundays. Everything that's legal under the sun!


RedShed is a new online shopping experience bringing you quality products for the home and garden. We provide an easy-to-use service with great availability.