Strengthen is a platform for fitness professionals and trainees to create workouts, schedule routines, track their progress, and analyze results across all their devices in real-time. It's like your favorite workout tracker, but with the added bonus of connecting with your favorite fitness…

Story Validator

Story Validator starts from the problem that lawyers, journalists and researches have, when confronted with a complex story. Different actors, timings, actions, locations and other data drown the real story. By adding actors and events a timeline is visualized and can be enriched with open…


ComfyLight offers triple security through 1 device: realistic presence simulation, intruder detection including alert via phone & deterrence


Makerarm is a complete personal fabrication system packed into a single, beautifully designed robotic arm that mounts on your desktop. Makerarm features interchangeable heads for countless applications such as 3D printing, plotting, milling, laser engraving, electronics assembly and more. That way…


Interlude interactive video app brings you closer to your favorite artists, music and pop-culture. Come join the fun! Be the first to experience our app and enjoy some of our upcoming new content Share your thoughts, feedback and suggestions via weekly surveys Test & report issues according…

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Some of the startups we previously wrote about before they launched.
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Freemio helps small startups to save money on software. We believe small budgets shouldn’t kill startups. Think of Freemio as Reddit for freemium software posts. However, unlike lists of software features, posts only consist of real use examples. This way you'll see its benefits at a glance. In…


Nomsy is a lifestyle application that leverages social data to help you find food that agrees with the way you eat and empowers you to discover a community that shares your dietary preferences and or restrictions.


Hund lets you communicate with users during downtime with a hosted status page. Integrates with your favorite uptime monitors and broadcasts to various channels.


NEVR finds interesting company for activities you love Lunch with someone who not of your usual circle. At least it will be interesting. Maybe it will change your entire life. Do you want to start jogging in the park? But all your friends are lazy? Find new friends, who will inspire you in sports.


6weekends gives you 6 last minute weekend getaways, every week. People have changed the way they travel. Among other changes, low cost carriers and short term rental have made traveling more affordable and more spontaneous. Existing online travel agencies haven’t yet incorporated these changes in…